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A new round of epidemic hits Indian soldiers suck steam to prevent the new crown

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April 26. India's second wave of epidemics is coming fiercely. In order to protect themselves from the virus, Indian people have begun to explore "innovative treatments." According to India’s “Daily News and Analysis” website (DNA), 
a new round of the epidemic has struck, and India is facing a shortage of medical supplies, especially the problem of insufficient oxygen supply, so many Indians have begun to try “vapor inhalation therapy”. ".

Videos of soldiers in a unit in the Indian state of Jharkhand inhaling steam from a pressure cooker and "disinfecting" themselves have been circulating on the Internet. In the video, several soldiers sit around a pressure cooker device connected by a pipe and inhale the steam from the device.

Last year, a similar video appeared on social media in which a man inhaled steam from a pressure cooker to protect himself from the new crown virus. The Indian media reported that although the inhalation of steam cannot prevent the new coronavirus, this method has been used as a home remedy for the treatment of breathing and congestion problems. 
The Indian media also reminded that it should be noted that the only effective way to prevent the new coronavirus is to wear a mask when going out, wash hands frequently and use disinfectants.